For wireless printers, turn on the wireless option from your printer then run the wireless connectivity test from the menu option . Sometimes, the data cable between your printer and computer may not be completely plugged in so make sure it is by checking both its ends for proper connection. Not only users from Indonesia are experiencing this problem, even in microsoft forums are also busy talking about the latest windows 10 update.

If your hard drive has been overheated, then this would most likely solve the problem. Simply shut down your system and let it rest for a few minutes. Turn it on when the system is not heated and the surrounding area is well ventilated. Hard disks that haven’t been tested beforehand become unresponsive after a few months of use. This problem is encountered usually with new hard disks. The reason for this is more often than not a manufacturing fault which causes the hard disk to fail.

” What to do if your device isn’t Play Protect certified​

An application fault error appears in Event log when a program running in your server encounters a critical error. This error is generally a bug in the application code or an issue with memory running out. Here’s an example of a faulty DLL for svchost.exe. An unexpected reboot error appears in the log when the system fails to shut down and restart gracefully. A likely cause of this error is the operating system stopped responding and crashed, or the server lost power. Look for events preceding the reboot to see a possible root cause.

  • By looking at the steps below, you’ll understand why.
  • First of all, you need to open the Command Prompt with administrative rights.
  • If you choose ‘no’ then the SELinux module is not installed, and systemd cannot start the Authentication Proxy service.

GParted is a free, graphical partition editor that you can use to resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss or file corruption. You may want to shrink a partition to create space for another operating system or a backup partition. GParted is part of many other hard disk tools, such as Clonezilla or Partclone. It can also be downloaded from the official website as a small bootable GNU/Linux distribution for x86 based computers and used from a USB flash drive.

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We’ll use the term workstation in this doc to refer to any laptop, desktop, or server hosting a GCP endpoint. Trusted, enterprise-level security protects your data. Simulate global traffic to fix issues before they impact customers. Track and triage errors across your full stack from a single screen. Debug faster with code-level insights into your clusters, while scaling resources to meet demand.

Method 1: Using Startup Repair

There are a variety of such tools on the market, but here are some of our favorites to help you pick the best for your needs. If you prefer a third-party antivirus, Norton 360 with LifeLock Select is an excellent choice. The antivirus works with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Plus, you get the LifeLock feature, which provides great virus and malware detection and protection to your devices. If you’re looking for utility software examples, here are our top picks for the best utilities in different categories. These tools help improve the functioning and efficiency of your computer by performing specific tasks related to system resource management.

Click on Finish to restore your computer to its state at the selected restore point. Another way to reset the registry is to revert back to a previous Windows version during which the registry was completely healthy and didn’t prompt any issues. Although, this only works for users who had the System Restore feature enabled beforehand. These elements are used by the operating system to launch programs, install new software, and change hardware, among a host of other functions. This free registry cleaner tool deletes all traces of activity on your PC.